Swiss Cottage Cafe

Cafe Menu

Swiss Cottage Cafe plays a central part of the Community Centre, providing competitively priced food which reflects the tastes of the local community throughout the day. It is just one flight of stairs up from the Centre reception desk and is wonderfully situated with windows and a terrace overlooking the landscaped Swiss Cottage gardens, pools and sport facilities. It is popular with locals of all ages and walks of life. It fills a reap gap too – there is nothing else like it in the neighbourhood and it is open from early morning until early evening (Monday – Sunday, 7am – 6pm).

It is a cheerful, bustling place with friendly staff and a real buzz about it. There is plenty of space between tables to park your buggy, your laptop or your backpack. The Cafe is run by the ACRI Company, and is managed by Sam Cinik. The menu changes frequently and there is a range of cuisines to sample and enjoy.

You can have a full meal at any time of day – breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner – and always very reasonably priced. In between meals there are many kinds of beverages – cappuccino, hot chocolate, espresso, latte, mocha and plenty of delicious cakes to enjoy, some of them homemade. The Cafe also cooks for children’s parties on a Saturday and Sunday. No surprise that the Cafe is a real family favourite.

Opening hours: 7am – 6pm Monday – Sunday

Direct Line: 020 7586 1266